Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Big Dirty" has a Big Day

Here at Curiosity, we’re all about the cultivation of our young up-and-coming game changers. One of those is intern extraordinaire Warren “Big Dirty” Bates. Normally there’s a time in every intern’s career when they’re removed from the embryonic fluid known as the copy room and given a chance to cry out to the world like the fresh meat they are. Well, in Warren’s case, we smacked that ass and he hollered.

We couldn’t be more proud to announce that our very own “Big Dirty” brought home a GOLD ADDY at this year’s awards show! His inspiring and hilarious work for Mentos created the animated comic strip “Chewy and Minty,” two hapless mints trying to stay fresh on many a random adventure.

We’re proud of Warren and think his optimism, patience and hard work will take him far in life. And after all the late nights, hard work and mandatory hot sauce sampling, we know he has what it takes.

Congratulations Warren!... now go pick up some Starbucks.

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