Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Become a Creative Rock Star

I’m listening to Life by Keith Richards and it’s fawking awesome. The important thing here is that I’m listening to it. Join Audible just for this book. Keith and Johnny Depp read it to you! Surprisingly, Keith either has a drug-resistant memory or somebody has been keeping a journal.

I’ve gleaned several key points from what Keith has to say. However, they’re no different from what any other creative guru will tell you, but it’s good to hear from a rock star; someone who has epically screwed up countless times.

Here is how you become a creative rock star:

1. Break all the rules. If you’re not breaking the rules, no one cares.

2. Work really hard. Play harder. Repeat.

3. Stay away from heroin.

4. Keep breaking the rules.

5. Stay away from heroin.

6. Learn from people who are more talented than you, people who know the open G.

7. Stay away from heroin.


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