Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday is Here

This is it, Friday is finally here! The team at Curiosity has been waiting on the edge of their seats all week long for this day to come.

And no, they are not just waiting for the weekend, or to open the keg.

Today we get the report on the performance of the Mentos Facebook ad. See, everyone has spent a lot of time and energy fine tuning the creative and strategy for this one big day, and it is out of our hands now. It’s a scary feeling—to have your baby off in the real (virtual) world on its own, but everyone here seems confident.

Maybe it’s just me who’s nervous…after all, it is my first. I’ve been staring in the sparkling brown waters of the Ohio River all morning waiting to hear the news.

Oh wait, looks like the results have come in—
“It’s PVM! About the CTA!”

Wait, what does that mean?
“The PSD! Do we have VTC?”

Stop, I don’t understand!

Advertising people like to speak in code. If you want to stay in the loop, I suggest you get really good at acronyms.

Tidbit of the day:
Remove the fortune before you eat the cookie.


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