Monday, June 21, 2010

Hi, I'm Warren

Hi and welcome to Curiosity Advertising’s Intern blog. My name is Warren and I’ve been a copy intern here for six weeks.

I hope this blog fascinates you. I cannot possibly fathom my audience, or what interest you may have in what I have to say. Are you a person looking to intern at Curiosity? Are you a wayward web-surfer who was taken here during your quest to find cheap shoes? More than likely you are one of the people working at Curiosity that I am going to pretend will never read this.

Either way, while I’ve got you here, perhaps I should introduce Curiosity. They are an advertising agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They deal in both digital and traditional advertising, though it seems like the whole advertising world is shifting heavily towards the digital side. Curiosity’s clients include Cincinnati Bell, Perfetti Van Melle (Mentos and Airheads), Meyer Capital Management, Cub Scouts of America and the list goes on.

My job as a copy intern has been to write for the various ads Curiosity has created. I’ve written for billboards, commercials, online ads, comics and more. I would say that the internship isn’t what I had expected but that would be a lie. I had absolutely no expectations in the first place. At no point in my education/career preparation was I even informed that such a job existed, which is fine—I like surprises. And it has been a good surprise. More on that later.

Wisdom by Warren:
Patience is a virtue. Unless you’re on fire and expecting rain.


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