Friday, December 2, 2011

Train Hat Friday

Just another Friday at Curiosity.

Choo. Choo.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Curiosity Pool Party 2011

Being awesome isn't work, when work is awesome. We are Curiosity, and this is how we get down...

Curiosity Pool Party 2011 from Curiosity Advertising on Vimeo.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

*See Blog for Details

Dear Everybody,

Hey! It’s been forever. I hope you’re well.

Now get a face-full of this textual tantrum. You may or may not be familiar with “The Legal” at the end of an ad. In a print ad it’s all that writing at the bottom; in a commercial it’s the “See store for more.” You’ll find it pretty much everywhere if you pay attention.

The purpose, as this humble hamster understands it, is to make sure that all parties involved know the situation. It prevents any misunderstandings or mishaps. This makes sense.

You’ll get legal like:
“Grandpa’s Cheese Chips not available in all states. Made with 100% real cheese.”

But that’s not nearly enough. It leaves room for so many unknowns. Not available in all states? What about countries, or the universe at large? Plus, this legal assumes that everyone agrees on what cheese is.

Try again:
“Grandpa’s Cheese Chips not available in all dimensions or space/time zones. Made with 100% coagulated milk protein.”

Better, but still not enough. This legal is still making all sorts of assumptions.

Here’s how it’s done:
“Grandpa’s Cheese Chips not available in all dimensions or space/time zones. In the event that Descartes was wrong and none of us exist, this product may also not exist. Product operates best in presence of taste buds. Not intended for use as a weapon, mobile conveyance, or sacred artifact. Shake it fast, but watch yourself. Avoid product if at all uncertain about its purpose. Made from 100% coagulated milk protein.”

And truthfully, it’s still a little risky.

Wisdom by Warren:
If you’re going to regret it in the morning, never sleep again. Ever.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two New Cincinnati Bell TV Spots

Curiosity has been busy creating two new TV spots for Cincinnati Bell.

The first spot introduces Cincinnati Bell's new 4G network with some interesting reactions to the network's speed. The second spot shows the math behind the value of Cincinnati Bell's $64.99 Internet and TV bundle plan.

Check them out!

Cincinnati Bell 4G Fast Face from Curiosity Advertising on Vimeo.

Cincinnati Bell $64.99 Bundle from Curiosity Advertising on Vimeo.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Curiosity First Annual Portrait

Thanks Alias! You made us look great.
Monday, March 21, 2011

New Cincinnati Bell spot with Nick Lachey

Curiosity and Nick Lachey help launch Cincinnati Bell’s new Total Entertainment Bundle. Nick is great to work with, goes the extra mile, is fun on set, and always nails his lines. It’s a fun commercial (and actually a really great deal).

Curiosity and Nick Lachey from Curiosity Advertising on Vimeo.

If you missed it, check out our cast photo with Nick Lachey!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Big Dirty" has a Big Day

Here at Curiosity, we’re all about the cultivation of our young up-and-coming game changers. One of those is intern extraordinaire Warren “Big Dirty” Bates. Normally there’s a time in every intern’s career when they’re removed from the embryonic fluid known as the copy room and given a chance to cry out to the world like the fresh meat they are. Well, in Warren’s case, we smacked that ass and he hollered.

We couldn’t be more proud to announce that our very own “Big Dirty” brought home a GOLD ADDY at this year’s awards show! His inspiring and hilarious work for Mentos created the animated comic strip “Chewy and Minty,” two hapless mints trying to stay fresh on many a random adventure.

We’re proud of Warren and think his optimism, patience and hard work will take him far in life. And after all the late nights, hard work and mandatory hot sauce sampling, we know he has what it takes.

Congratulations Warren!... now go pick up some Starbucks.

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